Everyone is talking about the shaky beginnings of the Affordable Care Act. Rightly so. But that isn’t the first time this President backed away from a promise, turned inside-out by bureaucratic and political infighting.

There’s nothing left, as far as I can tell, from the Gender Assignment Initiative that President Obama rolled out in May 2011. The one big speech, then nothing.



The promise was so clear, there was no equivocation then.

      “Under the GAI, if you like your current gender, you can keep it. But when you’re ready to make a change you will be able to go to our website: www.usa.sex.gov. You will be able to view a menu of choices and, with a few clicks, began whatever degree of reassignment you choose. You will see, clearly presented, the exact cost of every option, and whether you qualify for assistance under the Where-You-Need-To-Be federal tax credit program.”

      “We are absolutely committed to continuum neutrality. We respect the full equality of every point on all definable scales. But, let me repeat our fundamental promise: if you are happy with your gender, you will not be required to change.”

The original website was never fully operational, difficult to log on to, and prone to lock up. But the menus were tantalizing, liberating.

  • Conviction scale.
    Absolutely certain.
    Reasonably certain.
    Curious, yellow.
    Curious, blue.
  • Degree scale.
    Reversal, complete, permanent.
    Reversal, complete, temporary, select term.
    Partial transformation, permanent.
    Partial transformation, temporary, select term.
    Surprise me.
  • Procedure scale.
    Physical, surgical and hormonal.
    Physical, hormonal only.
    Social only, wardrobe.
    Social, wardrobe and pronoun.
    Surprise me.
  • Timeline scale.
    Begin process immediately (requires credit card, charged now).
    Begin at specified date (requires credit card, charged later).
    Save in shopping basket, I’ll be back.
    Empty basket, not today.
    Surprise me.

Oh, well. That was then. Now the refusal of Congress to implement key sections of the new law, especially for setting up the Federal Gender Exchanges, has been compounded by Sequester funding cuts. A flurry of GAI cancellation and reassignment notices has already been issued by the President’s Gender Czar, almost three million in October alone. Pink slips, blue slips, purple slips, the Interior Department has pulled the rug out from under all Americans.

We will be processed one-by-one through the new sex panels, not by our own choice any longer, the assignments will be determined by quota-filling bureaucrats.

As everybody knows, those who are condemned to remember history must be prepared to repeat it.

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