I am so thankful and pleased to find such overwhelming Republican support for our new health care system. Everyone is now pulling together to make the system work as smoothly and effectively as possible. This is such a welcome change from the past several years, all the votes to repeal, all the efforts to weaken or defund or destroy the Affordable Care Act. Now all of you are as anxious as I am that the federal exchange website gets all glitches fixed posthaste so people can sign up by the millions, just as we all want them to and find good plans, affordable plans for themselves and their families.

I’ll admit I expected y’all to just sit back and gloat, with I-told-you-so smirks, maybe sometimes waving little train-wreck banners. But, no such thing. You’re standing up for our new law and demanding we make it all work properly, right now. Thank you, thank you.