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Flora near, mostly not native.

In porch pots,

invested down the lawn,

ending it,

just now firing up,

splayed on the trellis,

open all the way,

the same and every day new.

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Full bloom along every wall.

A quick circuit of the house
all the ripeness newly sprung,

no special effort required,

lean in and click.

Some are done and disassembling,

some at perfect fullness,

theme and variations,

every foot,

all the way around

 but wait,

each one perfection of its kind,

from bud to bloom

yet each lovelier than the last.

Soul washed, and eyes washed,
in the rising gyer of another circuit.

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Red-reds sometimes break the camera.

There has to be a setting


somewhere among all those menus


that each drop new menus down


in hyper-dimensional interaction

an option


that can tame


the red out.

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Hurry spring, comes the hot breath of summer.

One day, as the stink bug watches,
IMG_20150510_192310312is enough to blow up a bud.IMG_20150510_192246917Everything in such a hurry
IMG_20150509_183950869to get it done,
whether in the pots
IMG_20150509_183453755or among the herbs.
IMG_20150510_192730257But meanwhile in the lawn
the marauder buttercups are special forces,
IMG_20150510_192530372unchallenged they’ll hand off to
saw-briar and blackberry and locust.
IMG_20150510_192500901The mower is ordered
which is a little sad  for what it will take down
but a lot necessary for what it will allow to come up.
IMG_20150509_183412689_HDRThe little entities we favor
cannot stand against the native ferocity
always alert and ready to resume dominion.IMG_20150509_184236184

They will have it back, and soon enough,
but we shall extend our moment here a little longer.
With all due respect.

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