At first glance there wasn’t much to engage with.
or to care about.

You will have to click on the image to enlarge it
unless your eyes are far better than mine
— possibly in another tab to keep on reading.

Democrats on average like Pelosi and Obama;
Republicans are still fond of Mitt Romney;
nobody doesn’t like nurses.

Quelle suprise.

Belatedly, my two-dimensional sight cut in.

Democrats, in blue below the diagonal, do like Pelosi: well, a 6.5/10 level of like.
Republicans at the same time do quite hate her, 1.5/10 worth.

NRA gets 2.5 from Democrats (really?)
and 7.25 from Republicans.

It’s the political brain of the United States on one chart
pulsating and burbling while you watch.
I’d like to see a few hundred more data points,
but I’m not sure what would become of my own brain.

Thanks to Larry Bartels, Vanderbilt University.