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His look a lite a-side, in swich manere,
Ascaunces, `What! May I not stonden here?’

I eat every day,

you know that, right?

Just like you

and all your big-finger buddies inside.

Such delectable fare it is
despite the troubling presentation,
cutsey little houses, really?

my apologies for robbing Geoffrey Chaucer

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Fauna & fungi, living easy.

Not much, but the bit of rain,
got the suspended droplets and the light just right,


shined up the ornament in the grass,
of cloudy crystal quartz,


and awakened the giants underground,

to upthrust their sort-of flowers here and there,

sharing sometimes with a bird

some seeming prematurely aged,

scarlet and stark whites,

with accidental happy faces,

and with delicious detail.

While, on a different scale, walking on the grass,
the lone doe, Bones, feasts warily on bird-scattered seeds.

Later, down the lawn, shy Esmeralda and her still-spotted twins
from a finch eye view.

After nightfall, on the counter, yes, katydid,
she thought my camera might be a snack.

Outside, the affable ongoing everyday pillage of the feeders.

Our neighbor was sure he saw a bear’s butt slip into the brush
about halfway between our house and his,
a little fellow, 150 pounds max.

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20­°F — you still get hungry.

Winter is officially here when Garrison Keillor offers his annual celebration.

The weather, he says, is making a serious effort to kill you,
and that’s clarifying, it strips away non-essentials.

Your job is to stay alive.
You’re not a waitress or a plumber or a professor.
You’re a mammal.

There’s no distinction by class or talent,
there’s not even gender, if you’re dressed properly.

I found a warm blooded neighbor, well-dressed, a couple days ago,
emptying the birdfeeder on the back porch.
He didn’t mind the porch light, didn’t mind the bedroom overhead light,
not even the swivelling bedside lamp.

But my flashlight, and my presence,
just two 1/8″ sheets of glass and 1/4″ of inert gas between us,
that gave me enough light for a picture
and made him feel unwelcome.

He descended, backwards,
like a white bronco in a slow chase.


I told him he could stay,
if he’d just take off the mask.

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Snakes in the grass, alas.

We call them our yardvarks,
IMG_20150801_152354557_HDRthe creatures who emerge
IMG_20150802_203605920from the woods
IMG_20150802_203558629to share
IMG_20150802_200452158and the cracked corn
IMG_20150802_200444349we put out for wild birdsIMG_20150718_235737836_TOP

if the bandits haven’t cleared it all.

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Somewhat charming marauder.

Well, time to come out from my house
and see what’s to see.

Sure, upstairs, it’s your house, for the time being.
Don’t get attached.

Whot, may I not stonden here?

I suppose you’ve never heard of an attractive nuisance?

Not me, joker, but thanks,
it’s you, with your dangling boxes of food.

You think I haven’t earned this?


What did you do to deserve your dinner today?

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