For a limited time only —
starting this week,

July 5-9, 2014 — Thursday through Monday.

Kindle e-book format only.
If you do not have a Kindle, one will be appointed for you,
and installed on your computer or cell phone or toaster oven.

Buy one book at no charge and get the second book free!

Or pick just one — still free!

Fit to Curve

Book 1 Cover

Heart Attack

Book 2 Cover


Of course, this is not the first time this offer has been tendered, nor the last time. But it is this time, and that won’t come again.

The idea is to open a wider readership by pandering to the universal delight in getting something for free.

You find new readers for your work, who tell their friends, who put up five-star reviews, which reviews entice a fresh cohort of readers, who tell their friends, until the virus takes hold, fame fights fortune for the upper hand, and you come to rule the internets.

It’s fool-proof and fun.

As Amazon has opened in ever more markets, an author gets to watch the results come in from around the planet. I’ve never yet sold a book in Italy or Mexico (mx is a brand new site, it is just refractory, probably a side-effect of the Mediterranean diet). Britain and France and Germany always come through. Japan and India inevitably bring several (probably utterly bewildered) new readers. Brazil and Australia will put toes in the water, two or three or four. Canada, after the United States, is the most solid. During some months of regular sales, Canada beats the US.

You can get my books anytime, of course, but you’ll have to pay when there’s not a free promotion going on.

There really is a whole suite of Kindle Aps you can download for free for PC, Mac, iphone, Android, tablets and pads,
if you haven’t got one of the ever-growing family of dedicated Kindle Readers.

Try ordering from the Italian or Mexican site (I’m easy to entertain). But you can’t do China, I’m not there yet.

And as always, tell me what you think. Comments & reviews are not just welcome but eagerly sought.

purchase Fit to Curve

purchase Heart Attack