I met her on the internet, I replied to her ad. Smooth sailing, surely, thence-from-there-forward.

She’s freelance, doesn’t work for a house. But her eye is good, and relentless. Some degree of compassion, also, I’m almost sure. Trust but verify. If you can.

Rates are within trade norms, fuzzy edges, though between the copy- and line- options.

But Ghost Walk is a big book, many pages, many words, many hours. Is she up to it? And is the edit worth the fee? Measured along what scale, or against what result?


Book Three.



I think so. But there is not a more intimate relation than a writer with an editor. Success in collaboration is not guaranteed nor in any way insurable. How will this end? All previous winnings bet on one number, on one spin, with no hedging on the red or even halves. What would Geoffrey do? What would Ellen do? So much easier to write their parts than mine.

Oh, look, that’s it: edge of the cliff. To the metal, Thelma, fly! Where’s my blankey?