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Around the house, while the query letters fly, out and away.

Pacing while the internets whirl.

It probably isn’t a good thing that the turkeys let me get this close.
They should flee what I might be.

Willed turkeys.

Two hens and a half-pint.

One hot bush, from the little chilies on the bottom to the thirty jalapenos above.
Wait, that’s two bushes in one cage.

Where it all begins.


Be happy that you’re happy.

Just doing what the bulb said.

Everybody must get glad.

A sucking bee
just like a spelling bee, except stickier.

Not a slut.

Just being available.

The dense wood in the middle was the base of a butterfly bush that stood eight feet tall.
Last year.
This year, the final frost killed it all, except two tiny sprigs.

Remember that last hard frost?

Just a flutter by bush, this year.

After awhile, you don’t see this,
because it would be too weird, if you had to explain.

Got to happen, right here.

It is something, really.

 We’ll die, we will, but it won’t be this pretty.

Looks so natural.

Death be proud.

They come, to astound, and then to die.

Iamb a moth.

Hear me roar.

 Yes, the super moon, two weeks ago.
The camera didn’t know how big it was.

Supposed to be.

Supper moon?

Any bigger and it would be falling,
a spiral exploding death by gravity.

148,000 words, no, you’ve got to be kidding?

Please, ma’am, Ghost Walk is a story that long,
really, it is.
I have already eschewed surplussage.

They all promise to reply,
unless they don’t.

That’s a “no.”

So say “no” to death,
to go back into the human mind again.

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Judge Santa.

Dot calm, dark Santa.


Ho. Ho.

He sees you when you’re sweeping,

He knows when you eat cake,

So quit your silly creeping.

Don’t leave crumbs and don’t you take

More than half of that last piece.

It’s not rocket surgery,

You know that Santa sees you,

And bumble bees are Santa’s eyes,

They spot every foolery,

Doesn’t matter what you do.

And so you know, word to the wise

Sewn in the sleeves of Santa’s fleece,

The NSA has trackers;

And pays off nine elf hackers.

So keep your secrets in the cloud,

And don’t you ever think out loud.

Blame it all on Christmas fright

I’m wishing everyone good knight.






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