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Glory Varieties.

The vines have exploded upwards, blossoms abound.

Pearly Gates White — perhaps you’re old enough to remember?

Not quite the Heavenly Blue.

Is a Rose.

Painted, with many brushes.

And with bug, pollinating, or possibly just passing through.

Evening Glory, a Moon Flower, blooms in the near dark.

Just walking the wraparound of porches, the frame of the house.

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Heavenly blue.

      People of a certain age recall when Morning Glory seeds were not made deliberately toxic, not even Pearly Gates White or Heavenly Blue.

Full bloom.



      After the peak, unlike us, they’re prettier than before.


End of the day.

We’re done.

      We’re safer, though, right? Unless we’re a bird or a squirrel.

      Ghost Walk is finished, the final big edit. Final read through, then publication. Question is, do I set a number of  agent rejections before I send it up to Kindle? Hate those letters. But I do love bricks and mortar, paper and ink. And with a non-rejection, I’d be eligible for the grown-up clubs, though there’d be no reason left why I’d wish to join. It’s a little trippy to contemplate.

      Suggestions, anyone?




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