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Eats, shoots, and leaves.

It was a hard freeze, down to 26°F,
but just for a few hours.
A little damage, that could have been much worse.

Crab apple blooms burned, but not blasted,
abuzz today with pollinators.

Pansies in the pot, okay.

Oxeyes, or hawksbeard, is everywhere.

Swampwort, singular.

Swampwort, plural.

Early rising mayapple,
first of the millions to come.

Herb garden just after takeoff,
landing gear tucked up, and ready for the long flight.


Peat pellet hatchlings.

Hostas strangely enthusiastic,
as if they knew — something.

Camera killing azalea blossoms one week from full flower
also survived the freeze.


Cluster of pear blossoms, likewise unperturbed.

Up the orchard, all the relics that remain,

some in flower first, some in leaf first,
all accept the swell of spring.

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Snakes in the grass, alas.

We call them our yardvarks,
IMG_20150801_152354557_HDRthe creatures who emerge
IMG_20150802_203605920from the woods
IMG_20150802_203558629to share
IMG_20150802_200452158and the cracked corn
IMG_20150802_200444349we put out for wild birdsIMG_20150718_235737836_TOP

if the bandits haven’t cleared it all.

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