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Walking the perimeter.

In summer, everyday, all around the house,

in pots, in beds,

on bushes, climbing trellises,

color explodes.

Full sun,

part shade,

all shade,

the white and yellow

and orange blooms

grab human eyes

and pull in pollinators.

Deep red

and rose

and lavender


then slowly fade.

Pale blue

soft lavender,


darker, to deep violet.

No blessing comes to us
as charmed
as a partner who brings forth flowers.

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Early summer’s chromatic abundance,

is everywhere,

in wild exuberance;

somewhere there’s a bleak

landscape of grays and browns

that all the bright colors have been

sucked away from and sent here;

all the shades, all the strategies,

to reach towards the sun

luxuriant unfurling

of flower DNA into petals

presenting their organs of generation
to all pollinators,

 come up and see me, right now.

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Full bloom along every wall.

A quick circuit of the house
all the ripeness newly sprung,

no special effort required,

lean in and click.

Some are done and disassembling,

some at perfect fullness,

theme and variations,

every foot,

all the way around

 but wait,

each one perfection of its kind,

from bud to bloom

yet each lovelier than the last.

Soul washed, and eyes washed,
in the rising gyer of another circuit.

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Walk on the tame side.

Clamoring against the hog wire at the bottom of the herb garden


a forest of daylilies.


Most of the hydrangeas (3 of 5) were burned by the final frost,


but one, spectacularly, was not.


The yellow clusters swell and turn blue by stages.


Cousin of the giant corsage blooms
there’s the nobblier cluster clump variety.


Weeds cut close simulate a lawn and frame
the peripheral plantings and the visitors
(rabbit at 12 o’clock).


The new planters half the way towards
thrillers and spillers and fillers.


Between the leaf canopy and the marigold companions,
five jalapenos growing shoulders.


Pretty is as


pretty is.


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