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The last segment of edits — so many births, a book has.


Ghost Walk

third book in the series

of the Ellen and Geoffrey Fletcher Mysteries

Well. The last improper comma is gone, the last proper but absent comma is inserted.
Of a thousand proposed edits, all but a few score taken.


The big question now: do I trigger some dozens of rejections
from a flurry of query letters to my list of literary agents
in hopes of a single positive reply?

Or just upload to Amazon, like the first two,
for a few minutes of being the newest mystery in the world?

Well, not tonight.
The edit heave is hove.
Bed beckons.

Book Three.


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I’ll show you mine …


      Deep into that darkness peering, wondering, fearing. The city mouse has city worries.


Come here often?

            While the country mouse



watches an entirely different channel. But predation is complex, ubiquitous, and essential.

      Plot honesty means it’s all there, hidden in plain sight.




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