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Gold bug.

I’m working my passage on a fancy cruise ship
— well, my story is set on such a vessel —
I’m closing on Barbados,
when something flutters, then stops,
out of sight, behind my screen.
I stand and look over.

As liberal shepherds know dead men’s fingers by a grosser name
so do these creatures have a vulgar vulgar name,

but she visits me tonight in a dazzling carapace
specked with gems.

The enemy of my tomato is also my enemy, I know this,
but her brief passage falls outside the usual times and terms.

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Harvest home.

      You kill back the grass and till the soil. Add compost, manure, phosphate, lime, and till again. Plant the seeds and plant the seedlings, mulch and weed and water and spray. Then the flow flips, and the yield comes inside, comes for dinner.


       Weeks later, months later, the pay-back exceeds expectation. Excellent fruit.

      Like a novel growing in the mind, only a much quicker yield, and edible, suculent in fact beyond belief. 


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