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Left in the woods.

It’s all over now,

rain storms

and windstorms

have stripped the branches

of all these hangers-on

from a fortnight ago

but we were given

a long slow fall

until gravity and the trees’ release
brought all to ground.

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Chlorophyll abetting breath.

Not always green,

or not only green,

unfurling from the core,


as if their coils of DNA had been compressed, then let go.

A few of Earth’s three trillion trees, under white clouds,
mostly voting green

— more trees here than stars in the galaxy
as recently reckoned —

while the green then gray berries
fatten into blue
and we and a thousand wild birds wait together
poised to strike.


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Looking down, and up, and ahead.

Beetles and microbes are all the company
that we shall have for our animal decomposition.


Fallen, rotting logs transform,


populated and adorned with lichens,

endlessly varied in shape and color

and texture, from delicate lacework

to the hard shelves that jut off trees.


The trees reveal more undressed’
as they shall stay for several weeks more,
the mountains and the sky.


And the line of little badges


that demark our new neighbor.

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