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Pants around their shoes.

Someone in the twitterverse expressed
great pleasure at the thought
of Trump and Putin brought down,
their trousers clumped at their ankles,
by the final straws
of Nastya Rybka and Stormy Daniels.

A piece of history to hold in your hands
like a brick from the Berlin Wall.

Available right now on Amazon,
only in Russian.

How to Seduce an Oligarch

P. S.  I found the tweet I “borrowed” from:

Replying to 

Can’t help but be amused that and
may bring the whole enterprise crashing down around these old men’s ears,
like a pair of crumpled pants around their ankles.


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Sidewalk sales.

The day of the recent rally
a couple guys in a big ol’ red pickup
set up their sales station.


Hundreds of Made-in-China “Make America” hats
in red and white and blue
plus a dozen cases of t-shirts and banners rolled up.


When they first arrived the wind was perfect,
all four banners pulled out straight south down Haywood Street:

Don’t Tread on Me
Old Glory
and the Battle Banner of the Late Failed Secession.


Then the wind shifted ever which way
and they all went a little twitchy.

American democracy
in all its grandeur
history itself
at the curb.

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