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Trees waking.

Tapestry yarn and embroidery floss
come in 500 shades —
200 of them are greens.

This is the time of year when you know why.

They’re lighter yellower now,
settling in summer to darker bluer tones.

Except for a few with a different plan

Downhill towards the weeping cherry

not growing up like most trees

but ever wider

making a tree house on the ground.

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The awakening.

The last moments before springs blows open.

Spongiform moss thing.

Burst chestnuts, gone purple.

Chestnuts, burst, natural.

Before the leaves.

Where grass-like weeds once thrived.

Mossy carpet.

Carpet close.

Weeping cherry, self-selected structure.

The white-bellies that fly in the night.

Just is.

There’s no explanation.


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