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Makes your eyes ache, almost,

nowhere to settle

in the profusion of colors

and textures

extending in all directions.

Your focus narrows to a single specimen

then pulls wide

across a carpeted path

or field

where boggling myriads

of discrete gifts,

display the beauty of a billion little deaths
which enable suspended life for winter survival
whose eventual decay will feed the summer forest.

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Worktable dressing.

Sometimes they help with the stories; really, they do.

Even as they’re pure distraction, to rest and pleasure the eyes

for as long as their season lasts,

as long as they are rich and luscious,

and emit from within a plush and regal depth,

every petal sumptuous, every stamen and pistil

glamorous in the infolding fibonacci wound so tight

three dimensions cannot contain their splendor.


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Early summer’s chromatic abundance,

is everywhere,

in wild exuberance;

somewhere there’s a bleak

landscape of grays and browns

that all the bright colors have been

sucked away from and sent here;

all the shades, all the strategies,

to reach towards the sun

luxuriant unfurling

of flower DNA into petals

presenting their organs of generation
to all pollinators,

 come up and see me, right now.

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