Here’s a link to the story in the Washington Post, from September first:

By Michael Birnbaum
SIENA, Italy — Tucked away in this Tuscan city, the oldest bank in the world has survived the Borgias, pestilence and too many wars to count. Now, a mundane foe has proved far more dangerous: Italian government debt (follow the link for the rest of the article).

        So what? The world teems with teetering banks. It’s a little arcane, a Poundian thing. If you ever fought through the economic crankpot parts of Ezra Pound’s Cantos, you’ll remember the Monte dei Paschi. It’s the good bank, founded on natural increase (sheep breeding as they manure the ground that grows the grass they eat). Distinguished from the downright iniquity of the banks of discount, collecting interest on self-created funds. A rock, an icon, an ideogram. So, it would be sad, that’s all.