Getting ready for it.

With frosts and freezes in the near forecast,
it’s time to close out summer.

The last little eggplant hides shy among
the sweet yellow/green/orange/red peppers
banana variants, mostly,

and the bowl of heat, chilli & jalapeno,

 and sweet poblano.

The last tomatoes on the vine

and unready clusters of red and orange cherries;

while still ripening on the sill, last week’s blacks and oranges.

Rosemary was just going from her summer on the porch
to upstairs winter quarters,
but she shared a few springs on her way,
invited herself to dinner.

Just for drill,
drained the hoses,
drained the valves,
checked the heater in the pump room.

Ready, not ready, I guess.

Winter is icummen in, lhude sing gol darn.

Everything is mowed.

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