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Fit To Curve



Heart Attack




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The series    —    The Ellen and Geoffrey Fletcher Mysteries

Geoffrey and Ellen Fletcher live in Roanoke, Virginia, in the mountains north of town. Geoff is a poet who teaches creative writing at Hollins University and Roanoke College. Ellen is a free-lance travel writer, frequently published in TravelAmerica. Geoff goes with Ellen, when his schedule allows and she can persuade him to come. With an uncanny frequency they find themselves involved in murder investigations, often involving deaths not recognized as crimes.

Book 1    —    Fit To Curve    —    The Asheville Story 

Ellen’s on assignment to Asheville, North Carolina, to do a follow-up for a story she wrote a year before. Geoff is reluctant to come with her until he learns his college girlfriend and new husband will be staying at the same bed-and-breakfast. Juniper House is packed with interesting characters and Geoff decides to enjoy Asheville and his unintended vacation.

But when two of their fellow guests die, and the police see only accidents, they realize they’re on their own if they want to solve the killings before there are more victims, before they become victims themselves.

Book 2    —    Heart Attack   —    The Williamsburg Story

Ellen’s trip to Colonial Williamsburg gets complicated. She’s researching an article about the people who work behind the scenes. But somebody is making things difficult for those people, with incidents that are at first just puzzling, then malicious, then seriously nasty. The local police and the administrators of the Historical Area and of William and Mary College can’t even agree on whether the events are connected, let alone what they should do.

Ellen’s daily updates alarm Geoff and he gets a friend to cover final exams so he can ride down to join her. During the two days it takes him to bicycle from Roanoke to Williamsburg, the provocations take on an ever nastier character. He may be too late to turn things around.